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Hello and thanks for checking us out!

R-Sport International is dedicated making your Volvo perform. A lot of that is with maintenance and we have a 3-bay repair shop in Portland, OR. A lot of that is also from the RSI exclusive performance parts we sell on our website STORE. Our ultimate stage of performance support is our custom race fabrication shop making exhausts, manifolds, roll cages, and suspension.

Mitch - Our director of operations. Runs our day to day operations and makes the big decisions. He has lots of track-time under his belt and is a bit crazy about Volvo performance racing. When you are in need of a good joke, Mitch has got you covered.

Eric - Our master mechanic. He works on all models of Volvo and BMW's, but has a soft spot in his heart for Volvo 240's. Super experienced with over-the-phone support and diagnosing problems from the sounds people make. When not working in the shop, you can catch him playing the Reggae Flute... seriously!

Tom - Our custom race-fabricator. Tom makes stuff out of nothing and has been doing it for years. Custom headers, runners, roll-cages, robo-cops, whatever, Tom has made it and can get you set up. He has worked on $100k+ race cars but really likes upgrading your daily driver. When not in the shop, Tom uses his pro-level race skills to beat the socks off kids on XBox 360.

Ben - Our orders conduit. Ben processes all orders and knows Volvo parts like the back of his racing glove. He is the RSI Race-Team captain and makes a mean-chili for the track days. If you're a professional level shop-mechanic or a novice to Volvos, it doesn't matter, Ben's got you covered. On a side note, I like to call him Dr. Sunshine.

Joel - Our social interface. Though Joel has been a fan of Volvos for years and even used a 240 instead of a ring to propose, he's not the professional the rest of us are. But this allows him to see Volvo things the way most people do and still get excited about it. When not in the shop plugging away at the computer, he's head-banging like he doesn't even give a care.

Phil – Our clean-up hitter. Phil works with us in the shop when we start getting into the busy schedules. He is an older era Volvo nut and was tracking some serious drag times with his 142. With each Volvo he gets he pushes the envelope with what can-be-done, from horsepower to camper conversions. If you want to make him smile, just call him Stainless Phil.