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RSI Parts and Shops

R-Sport International is a 3-in-1 store, with online exclusive RSI performance parts, a 3-bay full service Volvo repair shop, and a custom race fabrication shop. Visit our location in Portland Oregon and check out our online RSI parts store under the "Volvo Performance Store" link above.


From 170 hp modified stock cars to 527hp giants we can do it. We are dedicated to making the finest performance parts for Volvo cars. From tubular stainless steel manifolds to our H-beam rods for Red and White block motors as well as Rollerwave Pistons for each motor we can outfit or rebuild any motor from stock, to something that can wet your pants.

We are dedicated to the art of engine building, not only for performance but reliability. Check out our various pages to get a glimpse of how we can help turn your "family car" into a real sleeper.


Though most of our parts are focused on performance, over the years we have developed a number of maintenance oriented parts that improve upon some of our Volvo's weakness. Some of these, like our MLS headgaskets we had Cometic build for us can be set-up to offer 4-5 mpg increases along with better power and allows cars to run on 87 octane that would previously need 91 or higher.


For those looking for restoration parts we have manufactured the outer 240 window scrapers that Volvo stopped making a number of years ago. If you are looking to have your 240 restored we can do mild to full on restoration of your 240.


RSI builds and races Volvos. From our daily driven shop wagon autocrosser to our full on ITB 242. We build, engineer, and prep race Volvo race cars and motors. We offer coilover suspensions, cage design and installation, motor building, suspension prep and tuning, and finished cars. If you are interested in having either parts or cars built, we can help.