Coilovers are now available. We have perfected our shortened strut coilovers and are happy to now have stock. These struts work with a custom Bilstein housing or the Koni 8610/8611 Adjustible Inserts. We have been testing these for over a year and are very happy with the travel they provide and range of height adjustment.

Cylinder Head Development

Cylinder head development is progressing nicely. We have completed our stage II engine program and have moved on to our stage III development. The stage II set-up has take a 530 cylinder head and turned it into something special. These flow 220 cfm @28" on the intake and 185 cfm @28" on the 40mm exhaust valve. These can be used for either turbo or NA usage, but please specify as we modify the choke point/venturi depending on application. With 7mm valve stems, titanium valvetrain, and specially developed Eibach Valve Springs, these can spin up to 8000 RPM. Check them out today.